Welcome to Genevieve Bergeron Photography! 

First and foremost, thank you so much for taking the time to visit the website, view my galleries and read about the families I have met! 

Genevieve is married to her best friend of 20+ years. She became a bride in 2009 and married in a local park that as a child, her mother used to take her to for tea parties. She is a mother to twin four year old girls and cannot imagine life without them! They keep her busy and love spending time together. She has been so lucky to work from home since they were born and she knows what a blessing it has been! So many mothers would love for the opportunity that Genevieve never takes it for granted. Genevieve is an avid reader, planner, lover of pretty pens and notebooks, espresso drinks and macarons. Her life goal is to spend at least one month exploring Scotland with her girls and her camera! She is the most happy traveling to new places, walking in the woods, at the beach, or anywhere outside in nature. Her oldest baby is a 12 year old cat named Maggie who keeps her company as she edits and answers emails. 

The most important thing about Genevieve is that she is a daydreamer and hopeless romantic. At any point in time you can find her girls and herself, playing dress up and pretending. Shopping inspires her and she loves browsing through the sets and fashion shows of NYC Fashion week as inspiration for portraits. She frequents blogs, learns everything she can, and travels to see some of the best in her industry. After receiving her degree in Marketing and Management at a fashion and business college in Atlanta she uses the education to always guide her in her business. 

In her business, she is a firm believer in the printed portrait. There is something about seeing the faces of her most proud accomplishment, framed and hung on the walls of her home. One of Genevieve's favorite moments is taking her girls to bed and they point out the portraits of her mother, father, and family members that are no longer with us. And when they see the babies on the wall and know that it is them and ask about what they were like, getting to remember some of the most memorable times of her life with her girls. Genevieve recounts the stories with them and it reminds her of the connection to those lost and those here with us still. Just how important is that growing up? To feel the unbreakable connection to family is astounding. Her style is based on the personality of the person in front of her camera. 

Genevieve believes in setting up the moments for you and letting you finish them. The true reactions from the spoken word and giggles is how she accomplishes her portraits. The belief in the portraits being you as you are tell a story for many many years to come. And that is Genevieve's main goal to preserve those memories. 

When you are with Genevieve it will be a comfortable and guided time with her. Your unique reactions will be seized in that moment in time. And you will receive genuine, simply edited, moments. These are meant to be displayed through out your home as your personal works of art. And they are nothing less than that. 

Genevieve's family photography portrait credit goes to Gary Young Photography